Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best Intentions lead to....the mall?

Today I woke up late, after staying up late last night re-designing my blog and posting for the first time in months. I don't regret the extra sleep or the late bedtime, but I was supposed to go to a conference at Quinnipiac University on Women's Creativity today. The keynote was Judy Norsigean, one of the founders of the Boston Women's Health Collective, authors and publishers of Our Bodies, Ourselves, the best-selling, groundbreaking book about women's bodies and health. I was really excited to go- I haven't been to an academic conference in a while, and I've never visited Quinnipiac. There's a whole slew of academic conferences in the next few months about women's studies and the American left. I had hoped this would be the start to a great conference season. I thought Norsigan would be speaking during the lunch session and was bringing a copy of the book that belongs to my school's Center for Women's Studies to get an autograph. My sister and I were in the car on our way around noon, and its about a 45 minute drive. We checked the schedule and realized we missed the keynote and both morning workshop sessions. We would arrive during lunch, which was actually a free period, and then only catch one session. We decided to just turn back since it wasn't worth going all the way there for one workshop session. I have a mid-term this week and a bunch of papers due, so we pulled off the Merrit to turn around. We were by the mall we frequented in our childhood and adolescence- we hadn't been there in years. We decided to stop in, pick something up and see how different it might be. 
   Our walk-in turned into a marathon mall-rat experience. We hit up a bunch of stores, bought something in almost every one, got tons of awesome stuff on sale and even had lunch in the food court! I'm sure everyone who has been to a mall on the east coast knows about Bourbon chicken franchise-the sweet chicken folks who offer free samples in every food court. We enjoyed some samples, as everyone should feel free to, as we walked through the mall. I told off some young boys who were cussing loudly in the food court and was *appalled* at the shirt a man in his early to mid-thirties was wearing. He had a sexually explicit t-shirt on, one of those shirts with the figures they use on bathroom doors to delineate "men" and "women"who were in sexual positions. This man was with a child, in the food court of a mall, on a Saturday afternoon. This was not a frat party on a friday night on frat row. Gross and inappropriate. If I can, I'll post a pic of my awesome fall/spring coat from express that was only $30 on clearance, down from $180. That was the victory of the day! So instead of expanding my mind and my perspective, I expanded my closet. Some days, it's just the way to go.