Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Spring!!

Springtime is here! It's been AGES since i've posted, though I've thought about posting almost every day and started quite a few posts, none made them onto here. Since i havent posted since before winter, I imagine it's time for some spring cleaning before i can move forward with my issue based posts.

life is interesting. this has probably been the one of most stressful semesters of my life, and i'm disappearing in front of my very eyes due to the stress. i'm taking six classes, learning a lot and pretty much am exactly where i need to be in life right now. i'm declaring a history double major and am super excited about the fall's history classes. due to the massive budget cuts being proposed on the state level, uconn stamford stands to be hit with a 9-10% budget cut. since we're a branch campus, we have very little fat in our budgets to begin with. so my political science pickings are slim. sigh. i had a really interesting professor this semester whose class evolved into the sort of class i had been dreaming college would be, but was then unable to finish the semester, so now we're starting the class over with a really nice and well meaning prof who has stepped in and is trying to make the best of it. i've joined (sought refuge in) the honors program b/c i couldnt deal with the asinine and banal contributions most of the my classmates offered in most of my classes and sought an intellectual refuge where knowledge and intelligence were celebrated and not suspected.

i'm planning on doing a research project this summer and taking classes- i decided against applying to all the amazing different programs, internships and opportunities that everyone has been emailing me about lately.

my campus organization, zero tolerance, is producing the vagina monologues in less than two weeks! can't wait!! i'm mostly just acting, but helping out as much as i can with the planning. looks like I'll be producing the week of... sounds fun... i hope!