Saturday, October 17, 2009

Like I breathe...

I miss blogging. I miss writing. I miss the daily, weekly, even monthly chance to analyze, integrate and reflect on the madness of the world through the typed word in this forum, this wondrous medium of the blog. I don't even get to keep up with reading other people's blogs! It's quite ridiculous- tonight I read my bff's blog at its new address for the first time, even tho she moved it months and months ago- since around the last time I posted.

I hate twitter, but am beginning to think it might be a good way just to get all the cool, amazing, disturbing or must read links and features that I come across, since I don't really manage to send out mass emails to my friends and family to make them aware like i used to. FB only reaches so many folks, and since I hardly ever blog, I know the limited readership I once had I have pretty much lost. I hesitate to write now in ways I never did. I worry about the future, about whether giving these words an immortal life on the internet is something I really want to do.

Our super-plugged-in-around-the-clock-data-mining present has not lead to a more open, accepting, understanding and inclusive society; instead, it has lead to a more invasive, judgmental, prying, damning attitude that seeks to impose all the sexist, racist, classist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic ideas and standards upon those of us who interact with the virtual world this way. That might be inaccurate- it's really imposing all of those oppressive, institutionalized standards on everyone in society, not just those who participate in web 2.0 through blogs, emails, post to boards, twitter, facebook/myspace/social networking sites, shopping online, listening to internet radio or downloading podcasts/mp3s/pictures/books/documents.

It really concerns me that Van Jones was recently sacked (he technically resigned) because of right wing pressure brought to bear on political views he held when he was younger (he admitted to believing in Communism) and on signing a petition from Color of Change, the progressive group he helped start focused on the needs and issues of people of color. He is the first Obama administration casualty of the right wing smear machine, but not the first Obama-related casualty since his campaign began (Obama had more than one coordinator of Muslim outreach resign during the campaign b/c of rightwing attacks on their past affiliations).
Since the right wing is so thorough and effective at painting progressives and anyone who disagrees with them as evil, unpatriotic undesirables who must be marginalized and punished, it worries me. Does it concern anyone else out there?

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girlalex said...

I'm still reading!

Love you - let's catch up soon (we keep saying that!)