Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back in the Motherland

I'm back!!!!!!

After an incredible adventure of incorrect travel itineraries, an unexpected overnight layover in London and 15.5 hours of flying, I returned to Hyderabad. They have a new international airport here now, named after the late Rajiv Gandhi which is a fabulous upgrade from the bus depot that was the airport at Begumpet. We brought 8 large (oversized!) suitcases, full of gifts for our long seperated relatives, which took us ages to collect. We also had 2 lbs of clementines and a pear that we had forgotten about that wouldn't make it past customs. rather than throw out good fruit that was safe to eat, we worked to finish off all the fruit. I was peeling clementines and eating them and offering them to passer-bys. This is my first trip to India with my family in tow, and it seems totally appropriate that we would begin our stay in India doing what we always do- trying to live our ideals despite the reactions of others. we were doing this by not wasting food, even though everyone around us thought we were weird and crazy for stuffing our faces full of fruit and offering strangers our straight-from-costco produce.