Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pitbull with lipstick, even to RAPE VICTIMS.

This link from USA Today is about how Governor Palin, as mayor of Wasilla, CHARGED RAPE VICTIMS FOR THEIR RAPE KITS. Yes, you read that correctly.

Here's an excerpt:

"Until the 2000 legislation, local law enforcement agencies in Alaska could pass along the cost of the exams, which are needed to obtain an attacker's DNA evidence. Rape victims in several areas of Alaska, including the Matanuska-Susitna Valley where Wasilla is, complained about being charged for the tests, victims' advocate Lauree Hugonin, of the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, told state House committees, records show.

In cases when insurance companies are billed, the victims pay a deductible.

It is not known how many rape victims in Wasilla were required to pay for some or all of the medical exams, but a legislative staffer who worked on the bill for Croft said it happened. "It was more than a couple of cases, and it was standard practice in Wasilla," Peggy Wilcox said, who now works for the Alaska Public Employees Association. "If you were raped in Wasilla, this was going to happen to you."

I'd also like to point out that after these women have been raped, Palin does not want them to have access to abortion services.

Here's a Huffington Post article with further information on the issue- check it out. It has a copy of Wasilla's 1998-1999 financial budget that's cover page notes the mayor's responsibility for the budget.

I am INCENSED, OUTRAGED, DISGUSTED- there aren't enough words to describe how despicable this is, and no font/type face can symbolize my shock and utter dismay at this.

I need to hear some comments from yall. Did you know about this?? What do you think of this madness?

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Passionista said...

That's incredibly ridiculous and sad at the same time. Those poor women! It wasn't bad enough that they had to deal with emotional and physical pain, let's kick them while they're down? Palin just seems more and more greedy the more I hear about her.