Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today is Women's Equality day!!!

So as you see, today is a great day! Let's take a moment to remember the many countless women who worked for this, and the male allies (though few) that helped bring about this immense change. Taking a moment to reflect, the movement for women's equality has not been stopped by the rampant misogyny or sexism throughout our society. We have to keep pushing back against anti-women forces throughout goverment, policy makers, the judiciary, law enforcement, the media (hello chris matthews and fox news bleh), entertainment (yeah hollywood, talking to you, you anorexic producing, drug addled, old boys club, white standards of beauty perpetuating misogynistic media factory), religion, social attitudes and behaviors.

Go forth and be the change!!!!!

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Passionista said...

I didn't know it was Women's Equality Day. Wish there was more done by the media, institutions, and government to promote and celebrate this event!