Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle, sister girl- we need to talk!

After watching Michelle Obama give her opening speech at the democratic national convention tonight, I am sure her speech writers are no doubt delirious after tonight's supposed slam dunk. I, however, was less than impressed! I was shocked!

I will give an in depth analysis when i have time to treat it properly... but did anyone watch the speech? it was a 1950s throwback! as we know, michelle obama is many things, including accomplished lawyer, community activist, supporter and proponent of national service, but in tonight's speech, was reduced to being simply a daughter, wife and mother! The language used and the story illustrated was so old-school, complete with nuclear family and references to frustrated men in chicago's south side that couldn't get jobs to provide for their families once the steel mills shut down. not a single mention of the lives of single mothers, even when a chance arose during a line about "parents who work the day shift, come home to kiss their kids goodnight, and leave for the night shift" this would have been the perfect place to mention the millions of single mother led families out there, especially african-american ones! I was astounded by the completely anti-feminist tone the entire speech took, though i understand trying to pander to the working class white masses out there, forging a connection to them, proving to them that despite Barack's "funny name" he's still american, with good old family values and hopes of the american dream for all. what i was more astounded by were the many tear filled eyes filling the convention hall!!!! while my sisters and i were apalled at the speech, apparently many delegates were deeply touched. BLEH! Also, when Michelle referred to Hilary Clinton and the 18 million cracks she put in the glass ceiling, she said that it was Clinton who allowed America's sons and daughters to dream bigger and higher htan they did before, apparently for the potential woman president to come. Uh- why do we need to wait another generation before a woman can fill the Oval office? Does that strike anyone else as a strange choice of words and sentiment?

Here is the link to the text and the video of Michelle's speech, but scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the full text and see the video.

More to come!

Please weigh in- does anyone else see what i did? a total pander?


Passionista said...

I saw Ted Kennedy and missed Michelle! I'll check out the link of her speech tonight because all the news media has been abuzz after it. Over the radio they said her emotional speech may have been a result of her feelings on the guy who was found with ammo, ready to assassinate Obama, but newspapers I read said it was the first step in making sure Americans know Obama shares their beliefs and problems. Either way, I think disregarding the many female led families is a huge misstep for the Obama campaign. And Michelle could really strengthen that female connection, after all she's a mother to two girls! I'm disappointed.

Doby said...

your absolutely right, and I would have never seen it that way.

i'm a sucker for a touching speech from someone i feel any connect with, and it's hard not to connect with such an upstanding model of black womanhood in America as Michelle, politics aside.

but even in that knee jerk reaction i felt hints of what you so eloquently laid out as a very restricted and darn near regressive sort of language.

and which i wanted to call the kind of restraining corset worn at a regal ball by the servile queen of a king at war within his own boarders.

literally on the front line, and quite literally restrained beyond hope of defending herself.

but didn't she look good!(?)