Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Investigative Journalism Workshop in Honor of David Halberstam

Morning Folks!

I'm writing from Wesleyan University on Tuesday morning. I'm at Camp Take a Stand, an investigative journalism workshop in honor of David Halberstam, sponsored by The Center for the Study of Responsive Law, Ralph Nader's advocacy group. Ralph Nader came and spoke to us! It was so cool! He's really interesting. Nader and Halberstam grew up together in Winstead CT and were lifelong friends. After David Halberstam was killed last year, Nader contacted many of Halberstam's friends and colleagues in order to try and honor David's legacy in a journalistic manner. David spent a lot of time in his prolific life encouraging, mentoring, and lecturing young journalists and students in journalism. He was killed leaving a speech to Berkeley journalism students. Jim Wooten, an ABC correspondent for World News Tonight who was one of David's best friends came and talked to us about David. Many of David's childhood friends from CT and colleagues who had worked with him throughout his life at the NY Times and other publications were here to share his memory with us and to actively remember his legacy as the finest American journalist of the last fifty years. Nader came to speak with us under these auspices and gave each of us 3 books to read, one he co-wrote. Very cool! Then he hung around for much of the day with us. Roberta Baskin, corporate misconduct investigative journalism from WJLA tv in DC came to speak with us. She was the most interesting faculty member of the day. She has done so many imporatant stories that have changed public policy- she's a huge advocate for consumer protections and does as much as she can to expose the filthy scandals of corporations. She's very cool! She couldnt stick around more than yesterday b/c she has another workshop to go lecture at. The coolest thing that happened yesterday was last night. We each have to write an aritcle about the workshop during this week and post it to our online newspaper/blog. my assignment is to interview AMY GOODMAN!!!!!!! More on that in a few hours, after lunch she's giving us a workshop about the art of the interview.... SWEET!!!! I'm super excited....

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Raquel Evita Saraswati said...

I'm so glad I know about your blog now! Mashallah, looks like you're having one exciting experience after another. You deserve it! I am so glad we met and that I have the chance to get to know you better. I'm so honored to be on your blogroll. You're wonderful.