Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oh my god i'm back again!!!!

CALIFORNIA LOVE!!! (cue tupac song) It's official folks, I'm back on the continent of north America, back in the arms of the superpower. crazy stuff: our flight left Delhi at 7:30 AM India time on Nov 12 and we arrived in San Fransisco at 12:30 PM Nov 12, after having slept through a night and taking two flights. We literally flew back in time and reclaimed a day. I was getting so giddy in the minutes before landing as the Bay area came into view. the water looked beautiful, the mountains surrounding looked tiny and both the urban settlement and farming divisions on the land made my heart sing. I suddenly remembered the outcome of last week's sweeping elections and that pulled me out of my 14 hour movie popcorn movie induced fog and i started smiling. i couldn't stop. the only weird part of our flight back was this homeland security video that they showed which was like 10 minutes long, all about the new security procedures. it was all directed towards visitors to America. apparently, now each person will be fingerprinted, have digital photos taken of them, quizzed about their intentions and plans during their visit and actively monitored so that they remain in their given visa time. scary and the video really seemed done in the vein of anti-communist propaganda during McCarthyism and the cold war. weird.

it was so amazing to be back in America!! the airport was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo clean! there was soap, toilet paper, toilet seat covers, automatically flushing toilets, plenty of light, huge mirrors, and water that was safe to wash up and brush teeth with!!!! AMAZING!!!! it felt great to get out of the plane (which we had been sitting in for some obscene amount of hours) and walk around. I saw Americans all around me, heard English and got smiles in return to my wide eyed adoring looks.
we walked out to the pavement after securing our baggage and Sam & big from LEAP were there to pick us up. we loaded up, piled in and set off. it was amazing to drive along the orderly American roads, no honking, no animals, no chaos. other people in the van with me were freaking out and having severe reverse culture shock as they watched America pass by. i just loved it. in case anyone doesn't know, i adore order and logistical precision. seeing the well planned order of the roads, the traffic, the signs, and the drivers made me so excited. we drove through San Francisco and it was sooo nice to be in an American city. big stopped at some place in north beach and got us the best truffles around. delicious. then we drove along the water front where you can get on boats to visit Alcatraz. there were so many wonderful smelling seafood restaurants along the water- i was salivating. i want seafood!!! i want to just eat the whole world. it was so refesrhing to drive down the street and see 8 million different times of food offered at restaurants that are side by side.
we had a beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge. someone in the car remarked that this was the 2nd modern world wonder we were seeing in a week. (last week i saw the Taj Mahal, more about that later)
the dinner bell just rang and I'll bet money i wont get this comp again tonight. i have internet till tomorrow afternoon, so email and comment away:)
i want to be in America.....(cue west side story as i walk out)
love peace & gratitude


mujtabag said...

great to have you back, Yaz!
Just got back from a backpacking trip in the Ventana Wilderness,
not a single human being the whole day (two days). It was stunningly beautiful, but I'll bet I was (almost) as happy as you are to get back home to hot showers and clean running water and soap etc.

Enjoy your retreat! see you next week inshallah

Juan said...

Welcome back! Welcome back! welcome back! Mashallah you are back and safe. It's a weird transition isn't it? I can't wait to have you try to teach me some Hindi. I'm proud of you Yazi, you worked so hard to make it and you got the most out of it!

Bienvenida a casa


Mariko said...

Welcome back! It's bizarre that you are back in the States. That means no more postcards from India???? Oh no!! I'm going to miss those. *sniff sniff* I am glad you had a "good" flight (meaning that nothing happened and you had a boring-ass flight) and that you are safe. <3