Saturday, October 07, 2006

Thoughts on puke and ashrams

Hey everyone!
i sincerely apologize for the lack of posts for the last 7 days. Varanasi was exhuasting and incredible and i cant wait to go back. Durga puja was one of the most insane and interesting thingsi'veever been witness to. we had so many different exeriences that i cannot begin to write about them now at this crappy internet cafe in rishikesh. i am at the yoga ashram now,in the tradition of swami rama. we got here yesterday after the worst bought of travelling yet. i felt so incredibly sick in the first half of the day and puked all over the street before getting into the final rickshaw of the day. i was wearing this new shirt that a silkshop gave meto remember them by and i ruined it. future note to self: never let lemon juice touch new clothes that are hand dyed.after i puked, a rickshaw guy gave me half a lemon to suck on to stopthe need to puke. it dripped on my chin and i wiped it off with my sleeveand frieked out hwne my sleeve turned black. for a moment i thought i was going to die of the plague b/c i had black vomit. thankfully i didnt,and i'm not, but i spent all of yesterday in bed and all of today as well. i stopped puking and have a bad headache and flu/cold symptoms. i hope i dont have dengue fever. the train ride from varanasi wasnt thta long (15-17 hours instead of 22) but it wasnt direct and we had to take rickshaws to get to a bus stations,take a bumpy vomit inducing bus ride and then another rickshaw,all to get to this little ashram.

the ashram is beautiful. it has 5 star accomodations (indian though,not by american standards) and is totally designed to cater to westerners. it is manicured and landscaped with flowers, grass and no trees for shade. we have western toilets and a huge bathroom. i am staying in a cabin (with exposed brick) with 2 other gurls,we each have our own bedrooms and there is even a sitting room in the front of the cabin! the food is simple, organic and delicious. so far i havent actaully experienced any yoga or classes because i've been sick,but it sounds like a place i would love to spend alot more time in. unfortunately we are leaving tuesday morning to leave for our himilayan trek. there are alot of other westerners here. i hope i feel well enough in the next 2 days to take advantage of it. i've got to run to dinner,but i wanted to shout out the juniors and seniors at the Social Justice Academy in Hyde Park,MA. they will be following my blog as part of their world studies curriculum. i'm excited and cant wait for feedback. take care everyne and as usual,comment make my life better! send me some!


Shreen said...

part of their world studies curriculum! look at you miss world traveler :) love and miss you !! i wish i had caught ur fone call from Varanasi :( i kept my fone on all day to catch ur call back but u mustve bin really busy. i hope u bought some pretty fabrics at that silk shop! LOVE AND MISS YOU GIRL <3

Juan said...

Inshallah you'll be better soon! Kalpna says hello (ran into her at Mr. Cox's wedding party) and she sends best wishes. Do your best to get better soon, it's just not the same without the regular updates.

We miss ya!