Tuesday, October 17, 2006

the cracked earth


Shugu said...

hi honey!!!!
these shots are unreal :) Just wanted to drop you a line, Im in the middle of a 10 page paper that I have to write today. I'm HOME! Friday and Saturday Chip and I went to Boston to hang out with Juan, Soheb, and Nisma and it was so fun !! We went to Pinocchio's :) Inshallah you're well, and i'll send you a letter soon. EARLY EID MUBARAK !!! <3 Shreen

mom said...

Salaams Yaz,

That was an amazing an entry, my favorite so far. Reading about the moutains reminded me a little of Alaska. Eid was relaxing, it was nice to have Shreen HOME, soon it will be you turn :) Can not wait to see you.

All my love