Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yesterday i spoke entirely too soon about the being better thing. i spent the day in bed, trying not to die. last night we went to this great chinese place that looks like it belongs any where in america, and they had international radio on (which meant american)so we listened to american top 40, ate chinese food and dished about hot american actors. it was wonderful. then this morning i woke up feeling as though i was in the movie Alien and extra terrestrial life was trying to riggle out of my abdomen. HORRIBLE. so i miss an entire day of school and will have to play catch up. we left our host families yesterday and are staying at hotel urvashi palace, which is a guest house (very litle empahsis on the palace, much more emphasis on the "i can't believe i'm staying here ewww") and i was in bed all day. i felt homesick and lonenly, since it was jsut me and start gold tv. i watche dhte bollywood film "tum bin" which was all about duty and love and tragedy, yada yada yada. not the best thing to watch when u'r trying not to kick the bucket or puke into it either. it was enjoyable though. my hindi is so paltry! it makes me sad but determined to get good enough to understand everything in a bollywood movie. yesterday was my litle sister's 20th birthday, and i spent about a day and a half trying to call her and sing happy birthday, although the me getting sick again tootally killed that. i just called her on skype using my friends acct.
Note to family: don't we have skype? if we do, can i have the acct info so that i can call you fine ppl who i miss??? that would be great...

i am trying to soldier on and not die so that i can make it to varanasi this weekend.
might as well tell you guys about my 3000 ft hike. we visited a temple dedicated to devi on sunday, which was about 3,000 ft higher than mussoorie. we undertook the pilgramage aspect of it, taking about an hour to climb the steeep steps that were falling apart, were covered in donkey, dog and horse poop and try to adjust my sea-level lungs to the thin mountain air. it was worth all the trouble though. being in the mountains is pretty incredible. we get what looks like fog here, but is really just the clouds moving through. we saw a peek of the snow capped himilayas while up there, but the clouds surrounded us and the temple, so it looked as though we were in the middle of nothingness. pretty amazing. we got up to the temple and my leaders offered coconuts (which are apparently the vegetarian version of a live sacrifice), some dupattas, and some other food to the goddess at the shrine. her head is supposed to be buried at the spot of this shrine, high in the mountains. after they offered the food & stuffs, we all got the tikka on our forheads and the mita (sweets) called parsaad. we stepped out of the shrine and cracked the coconuts on the ground and all ate them. there was a priest who was going to do a special prayer for us (for a fee of coursE) but he was busy doing lunchtime pooja to the goddess. it was interesting...definiately thte first time i had been inside a hindu temple before. we got the tikkas to signifiy having seen "god", having been seen by "god" and our third eye being open to the world. it was a very short experience, considering how long the hike up was. there were some gurls there when we went who had come a very great distance just to make an offering to the goddess devi.
i still cant believe i'm here. sometimes all i can think about will be what i do when i get home, and other times, i cant imagine coming home. travelling is such a unique experience... i've only been out of the US for 12 days, and yet it feels like a world of time. i gota go hydrate now and try to hang in there till tomorrow. keep the comments coming. i miss everyone!


Katy said...

Yazmin darling,
Whats up?! Hopefully you're feeling a little bit better by now. I want you to know I try hard to keep up with your postings, and I'm sorry I don't think of more to say back. The things that you're doing just seem so amazing that it seems trite to write you like, "Whoa, monkeys?! Today I went to WalMart". I'm trying hard to assimilate myself into this cuuuuntry college life style, and at least sort of living vicariously through you. I got your postcard the other day, so thank you for that! Know that we're all thinking of you, that I for one walk by the pictures of us all from Lynelles porch every day on my way to class, and keep up the quality writting. FEEL BETTER! Love ya!

mom said...

salaams Yazi,

Hope you are feeling better. Pls. give our salaams to Umma ji and family. It felt good to read that you were with such a nice family.

The weather is getting colder and feels more like fall, the leaves have just started to change. It feels like we havn't seen you for eveer! I am glad India converted to chai, "Tea Rules"
I read your blog to Ummy juan and Baba. Ummy juan would like me to mail the printed version for her. She is missing you too. May Allah SWT guide you and keep you in His care.

Love always



Anonymous said...

hello my darling!
im so sorry u were sick :( if i were there i would do numerous silly dances such as the cacaw dance (arrested development), the poopy dance (malcolm in the middle) and of course, the best (or worst) crump impression of you you've ever seen! hehe, and also, im sorry that the skype thing wont be resolved for a while. it was so cute that mom commented but forgot to comment of the part that said "hey family! work out skype!!" inshallah the bollywood films will begin to be heard naturally (ps that sentence was written in the passive voice which you're supposed to avoid using in formal writing, it's when the subject of the sentence isn't the doer of the action.) :P MISS AND LOVE YOU!!
<3 SHUG k. (mysteriously reminiscent of shug knight, OH I KNOW!)