Friday, September 08, 2006

Monsoons, noodles and Buddha

I'm in hong kong!!! can't believe it. my day here is almost over, i will be boarding a flight to Delhi in about an hour. can't believe that either. hong kong is a beautiful and interesting city that is hot and humid. it is like a DC summer on crack. our leaders assured us this was preperation for india and its inhospitable climate. we got here around 5 this morning, a full ohur and a half before schedule. we watched the light fill the sky over the mountains that surround the airport and then walked (hiked!) up this crazy steep hill to get to a zoological & botanical garden where we did our morning yoga. i felt dizzy and started seeing white light so i didn't participate. instead, i gulped down a liter of water full of two packets of ermergen c. it helped alot. then we walked around the zoo/garden and saw the animals and wildlife. i saw this crazy moth that looks just like a humming bird and an incredible green house full of delicate orchids. we split into 4 diff groups after that and went our seperate ways. my group was supposed to be the low-key-we're-exhuasted group but we managed to check out a whole bunch of outdoor markets that went down this giant hill, two chinese art galleries, ate at 2 restaurants back to back, had haagen daaz, rode the ferry from hong kong island to the mainland of hong kong, took lots of pictures and got caught in monsoon like rains. the food we had today wasnt taht great unfortunately, but noodles are noodles. what can ya do? we did really good considering we hadnt been to the city before, didnt speak the language and had no real game plan. we crashed around 3pm and headed back tpt eh airport for our 10:30 flight. nutz. there is so much to see and experience here. even though hong kong has been a part of china for the last 7 years, the brutush influence is everywhere. the cars drive on the left side, the signs are in english and cantonese, there are white people everywhere, hollywood movies take up more space in the theaters than chinese films, and there are random british pubs every once in a while. it is a beautiful tropical city, lush greenery, large mountains; a paradise. i had a great time bonding with my small group of slackers today, and i'm getting really anxious as i wait to board the plane to meet india for the first time. my uncle and aunt came to see me off in san fran, and it was wonderful. seeing them made all the difference in the world to me, i went from being overwhlemed and on edge to being back in control and totally aware of how amazing and blesed this situation is for me. so now i've gotta trek back across the airport to get back to my gate, eat my take away noodles and then board the bird that will bring me to the rest of my life. hope everyone is well~
love, life, learning and growth~

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Shugu said...

Hey girl!!
I miss you SOOOO much! It was comforting to read your blog and be included on your adventures. I'm glad seeing Muju Unx and Nuzhat Antie was able to ground you before the trip. Hong Kong sounds so cool! I can't believe you guys did ALL of that in one day! Imagine how much you'll do in the next three months :) I remember looking out of the plane windows and airport at Hong Kong and thinking it was beautiful, you're so lucky to have experienced the city for a day! I'm the most positive form of jealous that there is :) LOVE AND MISS YOU DEARLY,
<3 always