Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Monkeys, mountains and Mussoorie

goodbye delhi....heat, humidity, bugs, beggars, rickshaws of all kinds, dirty air, busy crazy city life.... hello himilayas, foggy cool mornings, monkeys (langurs)that attack if you bare ur teeth at them, homestay families, tiny curving mountain roads, tibetan prayer flags alongside the morning adhan, masjids next to churches, temples next to clocktowers, baazars next to monkey colonies. it is cooler here (thank GOD!) and way less buggy. it is like walking through a bollywood movie set every morning and afternoon on my way to class. today was my second day of intensive hindi classes, i'm in the intermediate class. my conversation is more advanced than anyone in my group, but i have never really studied the devangari script, and my leaders, the other 2 ppl in my A-1 class, know most of the characters. their pronunciation is horrible though, and we're considering getting me a private teacher so that i can work on the script slower and conversation faster. it's nutz, learning the grammer and structure for hindi is like geting the key to a map i'm already familiar with, or finding a code breaker to a code i've been usuing for years. i am staying with yusuf-ji's family, he is a teacher at the hindi school. he lives in a combined family situation, so it is him (he's 32), his wife (26) their three sons (5 yr old, and a set of 3 1/5 yr old twins), his older brother, his wife (25) and their 2 1/2 year old son along with their mother (umma-ji). their youngest brother is visiting right now to help with our group at the school (he's 25). my hindi is horrible, and although i am able to communicate with peopel and my group is constantly jealous and overestimating toward my hindi skills, i am reminded how vast the space btwn where my hindi is and where it needs to be when i work to speak with my family. we communicate well, but are constantly having to consult yusuf-ji and his brother who speak english for those difficult phrases or ideas we can't convey. umma-ji said i feel like one of her children, so that was very nice. the boys are adorable!!!! they are teaching me small hand games in hindi and it is just precious. it is 8:30 pm here now on sept 13, i've got to run home to eat dinner witht he fam. i'll continue this tomorrow and maybe uplaod some pics.;) love you all!
kal miljainge!


mujtabag said...

Delhi sounded too much like Bangalore, only hotter and even dirtier, but the Himalayas . . . Now I'm jealous! :-)

Have a great time, Yazi!

Frick said...

I'm so excited that you are getting this opportunity to intensively learn Hindi! I can relate it to my language deficiency and I can imagine how great it would be to be immersed in a culture where thats the primary language. I hope that they can get you a private tutor! Congrat yourself for what you DO know, that you ARE conducting some conversation, and stop comparing. Love you.

Linds said...

miss you, love you, and am SO proud of you! I started reading through your blog today (things crazy with starting grad school, new city, etc) and it's so exciting to hear about everything you are seeing and doing. But I know from experience that no matter how amazing an experience is, sometimes you really miss those creature comforts (fav food, hot shower with good water pressure... everything!). So hang in there on the tough days and know that you have a lot of people behind you :)