Friday, September 22, 2006

Yoga in the morning in Delhi

Standing on the edge of the world

My third eye is open and ready to see you!


Juan said...

Standing on the edge of the world. It looks like you are facing a void, the clouds look so grey, there isn't even a horizon. amazing!

Love the third eye

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! U really are standing on the edge of the world, yazi your pictures are AMAZING! your storytelling is doing a good job at filling the void in my life that i feel at your and caroline's distance from me. It's a void that is harder on days like today than others to deal with. I had a long chat with Dylan about Anthropology and how to deal with the consuming and overwhelming knowledge of, as he said "how fucked up the world really is." I miss you so much! Today would have been the day that I called you over to my apt. and we'd spend hours in TDR/ on the couch discussing our role in the world, which battles are worth fighting for, and how to cope during the battle. I wish i could call you sometime.. *a 10 minute long hug*
<3 shreen