Tuesday, August 29, 2006

vineyards, sonoma and silence

I'm here. I made it. After a harried 2 weeks of near cancellations, near breakdowns and near death, I have made it to my retreat center to begin my LEAPYear. I have met a few of the kids, they are all 2006 high school grads except one gurl that i met who seems cool. I'm staying at Maacama, a retreat center nestled in the hills of Sonoma, right next to Napa. It is beautiful out here, classic northern cali; tall trees, clean streams, rocky, moss covered hills, quiet, sunlight, scorpions and poison oak. I am currently illegally using the internet, after today, it is 6 or 7 days with no internet or media of any kind. i am staying in a unfinished cabin that students of this program built about a year ago, sleeping on the top bunk of a rickety bunk bed; there are spider webs all over the room. if a spider falls or climbs on me when i'm asleep, i'm going to scream bloody murder. everyone seems nice; everyone here is white. there are apparently two kids from CT, a gurl from Darien and a boy from weston. there are a few really crunchy looking kids, and most ppl i've spoken to so far are vegitarian or vegan. i have free time right now, but later on tonight there is a presentation ceremony where we get introduced to our leaders and they get introduced to us. i'll take pictures and post them as soon as i can. i hope i dont get stung by a scorpion before i can. i'm exhuasted, i need sleep. i know we will be doing lots of deep touchy feely stuff soon, but i need some sleep before i can get outta my cranky-trying-to-be-open-totally-suspicious attitude. here goes!!!

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Mariko said...

Omg I can't wait to hear stories from this thing. So they are all white, vegan kids, huh? interesting. Can't wait for stories and photos. I love you, I miss you and I know you will have a blast!